Your dot brand is a digital branding solution

We provide you the insights, support you in your vision and deliver an activation tool



Brands are progressively activating their asset. We analyse and investigate their strategy, tactics and operations, with a branding, marketing and technology point of view.
You know what benefits can be generated by your dot brand.


We work with you on your dot brand vision and plan, for existing or future dot brand owners. We help you define your objectives, design the domains architecture and elaborate the activation roadmap, through an efficient methodology.


Our cloud based activation system enables you to select the most efficient domains based on your objectives, to populate them with content and to measure the operational results of your dot brand domains, starting with pilots and learning fast.


Create bespoke universes for your collections, distribution channels and institutional content. Empower your distribution partners and licensees. Increase your brand attraction over your social media. Ensure consistency of your digital brand presence with your new digital flagship : .brand


Define new usability standards, and go beyond your customers expectations of the traditional 3 clicks navigation benchmarks. Create streamlined and direct access to all of your information and content, beat your competitors and gain market shares. Redefine customer experience through your .brand


Design a solution in an unknown environment is complex. dot stories helps you innovate : Our expertise and insights in the present development of the dot brand landscape and digital marketing are here to support you. Our cloud based solution offers you an efficient and safe way to start building your .brand

dot brands analysed and decrypted

Analysis and updates on dot brand Top Level Domain Insights : Registration volumes, trends, second level domains and SEO analysis

dot Google new Top Level Domain name status Com dot google After having launched com dot google in April 2015, google went very quiet on the new domain name extension space. com dot google was a April egg, where all the page was presented as if it were [...]

dot bnpparibas takes dot brand seriously Some brands have been granted the right to use their brand name as a top level domain name, replacing .com. BNPParibas is leading the new dot brand world in a certain number of metrics, with the dotbnpparibas. They are the most popular dot [...]

Dot brand observatory, a resource for all stakeholers in the domains world The dot brand observatory is a research programme that captures and analyses 360 degree data from all the dot brand Top Level Domains. Some early adopters from the largest brands in the world, such as BMW or [...]