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20 07, 2014

Are new TLD cannibalizing old TLD

Is there globally more domains created or are new gTLD simply taking business from .com ?According to Verisign, 2013 closed with 271 million domain names, with a growth of 7.3 % year over year.The ccTLD reached 123.5 million names with a growth of 12.1 %,.com and .net reached 127.2 million names, with a growth of [...]

18 07, 2014

New gTLD daily growth forecast

new gTLD daily growth forecastingIn our previous blog, we saw that a gTLD growth can be represented globally by 2 linear functions, at least in their 100 first days.- The first days are the preregistration volumes that go through - if we set the sunrise registration aside.- The second phase shows a quite constant average daily [...]