How does the volume of activity on the internet compare to new gTLD ?

I saw this chart on the internet :

1 minute in the internet - how do gTLD compare ?


120 new linkedin accounts every minute, 1’300 uber rides. These seem like enormous numbers… How do the new gTLD compare ?  The maths are quite easy, based on numbers.

Mid April, the total volume of new gTLD was of 16’847’711 domain names. Back on January1, that was 11’296’194.

In 2016, there has been 37 new domain names on the gTLD every minute.

We are very far away from the 38’000 posts on instagram. Of course, it is not comparable – in terms of commitment, life span, price etc..

This is a strong increase, compared to 2015 where a total of 7.5 million domain names were registered, corresponding to 14.4 domains every minute only.

This increase is not only due to the fact that there are more and more domain names, but also that the “older new gTLD” are also increasing their registration pace. .xyz now has 2.7 million domain names, compared to 1.8 at the beguinning of the year.