dot brand is more securitySecurity is part of the new dot brand proposition

DNS is the way to translate a domain name into an ip adress that the computers can interpret and understand. One part of the DNS process is managed on the Top Level Domain name level, and can be attacked by hackers. Major sites such as google suffered from these attacks. According to,, the malaysian version of google, was temporarily inaccessible due to a problem with the DNS on the registry side in malaysia.

When a brand uses their own dot brand domain name, they are using either their own service, or a global supplier that provides the service to them. The brand therefore has direct control on the means and the service implemented by their supplier and the relevant security level.

Brands say that dot brand will enhance security

In an article published on circleID on June 9, 2016, we analysed the press releases that brands issued when launching their dot brand Top Level Domain.

7 brands were analysed, and including banks, industry, consumer electronics and engineering. They all mention security as being one of the key features for the new domain name. Canon mentions “reassured that the information they contain is reliable”. Sandvik says clearly that “the new top-level domain will serve as a extra guarantor”. Barclays says that the programme “ultimately serves to increase trust and confidence”. Sener says the new TLD “will also function as a security guarantee for users, who can browse safe in the knowledge that any page with the .sener domain belongs to the SENER group.”

Other dot brand advantages

The other advantages mentioned by brands include innovation, better customer experience, better branding and increased marketing efficiency. Many advantages that should convince brands to take the step towards activation of their new Top Level Domain names.

dot stories provides services to those brands, offering them a global research programme via the dot brand observatory, strategical support, and a cloud based, easy to implement and maintain system to maange the portfolio of domains, communicating with the brand registrar.