It’s now nearly one year the new gTLD went live for General Availability.

The number of Second Level Domains varies a lot per gTLD.
two very popular new gTLD are :
.xyz has more than 700.000 domain names, and has been in General Availability since June 2014.
.club has 148.000 domain names, and has been in GA since May 2014.

Some gTLD are less popular

We have looked at the time new domain names required to reach 10.000 domain names following their General Availability. To date, 63 new gTLD have more than 10.000 domain names, which gives an interesting basis for comparison.
Actually, some domains reached 10.000 domain names even before General Availability

网络 (xn--io0a7i)
公司 (xn--55qx5d)

Then, highly popular domain names had a large number of preregistrations, and 12 of them reached 10.000 domains names just on the opening, 5 of them being .GEOs, showing how powerful this model could be.


If we plot the relationship between the number of domains and the number of days needed to reach 10.000 domains, here are very clearly 2 groups :

The “blue” group is usually gTLD with domain names between 10 at 15.000. The usually reached 10.000 domains after 50 days or more. That’s the case of 28 domain names.
The case of .red is a bit different, and it appears as an exception, with 17.000 domain names but 210 days between GA and reaching the limit of 10.000 domains..

The “green” group is totally different – it has more than 20.000 domains usually, and was very fast to reach the 10.000 domain names.

This would tend to show that it one can see very quickly if a new gTLD will have a large number of registrations or not