dot brand, adwords & SEO – a matter of keyword

Adwords are usually used together with Search Engine Optimization. Both are related to keywords, and the objective is to appear as high as possible for relevant searches on search engines such a google, bing or yandex.

SEO is a series of methods and techniques that makes the content of a website more relevant to search engines, and makes sure the structure of the site is correct.

Adwords is a form of advertising, where a brand targets certain keywords and pays for trafic. The costs are incurred only when the visitor clicks on the advertisement. Adwords can also be called pay per click or PPC.

Dot brand enables, amongst other features, to create dedicated domains that combine and relate the brand and a keyword.

  1. is branded : hitachi
  2. is clearly related to a keyword : social innovation.

In the following examples, we will see how :

  • bnpparibas promotes the brand.
  • hitachi promotes the keyword.
  • fage promotes a combination of keyword and brand.

Brands using adwords to promote their dot brand domains

dot Fage adwords

Fage is producing and selling yogurts. They have launched their new Top Level Domain name in two main geographies – United Stated and United Kingdom. Some other domains were also registered, but actually lead to a simple white page.

Fage is promoting its american website through PPC both on google and Bing. Search of fage or uk fage does not bring up the adword.

adwords google fage gTLD dot brand


dot brand are using Adwords

dot BNPParibas adwords

BNPParibas is leader in dot brand. The site is the most visited website. The site was launched more recently, and this launch is supported by an adwords campaign.

adwords google bnpparibas gTLD


Hitachi has launched, and is promoting its site via adwords for the specific keywords “social innovation” .

adwords bing hitachi gTLD


One of the power of dot brand TLD is to associate keywords to brands. The three strategies make lots of sense and depend on the objective of the site. While bnpparibas is focusing on the brand, hitachi is focusing on the keyword, and fage on the combination keyword + brand. This is a great illustration of the versatility and agility of dot brand.