At dot stories, we have reviewed the geo TLDs and the corresponding volume.
Some “geo TLD” are actually being discussed, based on the information on ICANN Wiki, but as a first proxy we took the whole list of TLD associated to geo, ignoring the discussions between ICANN and applicant.

Some new Top Level Domain applicants, such as Istambul applying for .ist say it is geographic, while the ICANN is saying the opposite. In some other cases, ICANN says the new gTLD applied for is geographic when the applicant says it is not, such as .bar apparently. We have a purely statistical approach, and we therefore had to take a decision. The easiest was to consider the full list of new gTLD Geographical applications present on ICANN Wiki.

With that in mind, the total number of geo TLD applications presently delegated is exactly 50,  on a total of 748 delegated strings – including dot brand – corresponding to 6.6%.  The number of strings delegated is actually increasing every day as the ICANN process moves forward.

Looking at the total number of domains created on the dot geos, we have 553’176 domains, corresponding to 7.5 % of the total domains.

If we look at the most popular Top Level Domains, there are 3 dot Geos – ,nyc, .berlin and .london – in the top 20 new gTLD, representing 15%.

Criteria                    dot Geo share
Strings delegated     6.6 %
Domains created      7.5%
most popular TLD   15%

The domains split between the TLD is also relatively homogeneous, with 14 domains out of 50 representing 80% of registrations.
Looking at all the Top Level Domains, including also the dot brand, the bar of 80% of domains registrations is reached at the 88th domains out of 748

TLD corresponding to 80% of volume
dot geo                                   28% = 14/50
generics ( incl dot brands)     12% = 88/748

This seems to say :
– globally, geo TLD seem to enjoy more registrations than the others. We have not looked at criteria such as parking, progression etc..
– the split between the various geo TLD seems to show a reasonable spread.

Analysis by dot stories – – analysis of new Top Level Domains, stats and insights on dot brands, dot geos and others.

full table on geo new gTLD :

TLD domains
nyc 83748
berlin 68596
london 68410
tokyo 39955
bayern 30210
koeln 24763
hamburg 23256
paris 20454
moscow 19888
москва 18212
wien 13605
amsterdam 13336
frl 11088
wales 10691
quebec 10673
scot 10428
nrw 9210
melbourne 7837
sydney 6897
vlaanderen 6224
brussels 5893
cologne 5594
capetown 5121
cymru 4982
bar 4701
nagoya 3937
joburg 3718
tirol 3582
saarland 3262
yokohama 3069
gent 2874
durban 2662
okinawa 2260
taipei 1906
alsace 1633
osaka 416
rio 52
miami 14
kyoto 9
barcelona 1
budapest 1
doha 1
ist 1
istanbul 1
madrid 1
tui 1
zuerich 1
佛山 1
广东 1