Are new TLD cannibalizing old TLD

Is there globally more domains created or are new gTLD simply taking business from .com ?

According to Verisign, 2013 closed with 271 million domain names, with a growth of 7.3 % year over year.
The ccTLD reached 123.5 million names with a growth of 12.1 %,
.com and .net reached 127.2 million names, with a growth of 5%.

By the end of 2013, 73 new gTLDs were delegated in the root, but they were not in General Availability – meaning that the actual number of domains then on new gTLD was close to 0.

If the 5% growth enjoyed in 2013 over .com and .net was continued, that would mean an additional 6.36 million domains on .com and .net over 2014 ( 5% of 127.2 million), or 3.18 million new domains in 6 months.

.com and .net really increased only by 1.5 million additional domains.
The new gTLD grew by 1.4 million approx.

The graph hereunder shows a clear break in the curve around April 2014, without clear reason why that happened then. Had Singapore ICANN meeting a positive impact ? Did .club launch in early May change the dynamic?  Is that some domains signed end of 2014 came to general availability ?

The figures tend to show there is cannibalization and the global volume stays the same ( even a slight decrease, but that may be a seasonal effect. ).

New gTLD did not generate any additional domains creation business but transferred new domains creations from old TLD to new TLD.

new domain names count versus .com and .net

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