dot stories supports your dot brand activation

1 – Assess, via Precise and Relevant data

2 – Design your ecosystem

3 – Launch, Learn and Optimize

Assess the dot brand landscape

We gathered the data and have analyzed it for you

Business Intelligence

dot stories runs the dot brand observatory. This research programme gives you all the necessary insights to understand the big trends, the naming strategies, the frameworks used by other brands, down the technology and operations. This is to date the most complete analysis of dot brands ever run, drawing a high definition picture of the landscape, and giving you all the elements to communicate internally and take the right decisions.

the dot brand observatory provides a clear and complete description of the dot brand landscape

Data – “Now what?”

Dot stories can run ad hoc studies on specific questions you may have – you may want to focus on a certain vertical, media or automotive, or on search optimization. Our expertise in marketing, studies and branding gives us the knowhow to interpret the data and go beyond the “what”, providing you with the “so what”. You can focus on the “now what”.

Assess your Brand’s Objectives

Your brand has it’s digital strategy. Your dot brand is there to support it. dot stories helps you understand how.

Objective: Grow awareness

Your brand may wish to develop it’s awareness on some specific segments, following the launch of new product lines, of geographical expansion. Or you may be a challenger on some markets, and wish to reinforce your awareness. Your dot brand can support this objective by associating clearly a series of specific keywords to your brand in the Domain Name.

Objective: Strengthen your distribution

Your brand may be distributed by a large number of external partners, who are talking directly to your customers, and you objective is to strenghten the link between the 3 parties. dot brand can help you by associating clearly both brands, appearing high in the search results for a search on both names, and provide an true added value experience to your customers.

Objective: Increase your agility

Your brand may generate lots of content and host many events. Your website is already full of content and navigation is very difficult. You need to reengineer your website, but you cannot afford it. Your dot brand enables you to create efficiently cheap but effective sites,  clearly branded, limiting the impact on your main site.

Objective: Brand consistency

Your brand has grown organically, and you present domain structure may not be up to your standards. Dot brand is the way to reorganize your domains starting from a white page. Define the taxonomy and you can create the domains.