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29 05, 2017

point sncf internet adress to be launched in Nov 2017

point sncf internet adress SNCF will replace by - a "point sncf" internet adress, using the point marque extension scheme. SNCF is one of the 550 brands who owns their dot brand space, and are about to activate it for millions of users across the world. Other brands capable of creating such branded [...]

28 05, 2017

5.5 billion Euros on a dot brand domain – Oui dot sncf

5.5 billion Euros on a dot brand domain - Oui dot sncf voyages-sncf to be migrated to a dot sncf adress : According to the french newspaper le parisien , the french railway organization is facing a decrease in the turnover of its transactional site The site generated a turnover of 4.6 billion [...]

28 05, 2017

Dot Brand Observatory – Brand TLD research

The dot brand Observatory is an extensive research programme about the brand TLD domain namespace. Around 550 brands have registered their name at the highest level of the domain hierarchy, the Top Level Domain. Sponsored by Verisign, the research analyses the strategies, tactics and operations of the brands that are proactively using their new domain name to create better customer experience [...]

18 05, 2017

Mid May brand TLD websites launches

Brand TLD status - Mid May 2017 Major brands, such as  Mini, Sharp, Abbott or Canon are active brand TLD. This means that these brands are publishing websites using domain names such as,, or 550 brands are live, publishing overall around 770 websites. The dot brand observatory publishes a detailed list of every [...]

7 05, 2017

Early May brand TLD websites launches

Brand TLD deployment Major brands such as Google, Sony, Audi and Barclays now use their brand name as a TLD - an internet Top Level Domain name - and publish sites called,,, or While there are no additional brands granted with the possibility to use their brand name as a TLD [...]

23 04, 2017

Better Customer Experience with Brand TLD

Brand TLD support a Digital Third Dimension to Deliver a Better Customer Experience. Branded TLD enable brands to create internet domain names where the brand name is at the end. The Second Level is then open to the brands, enabling to create domains such as or This enables to create a [...]

24 03, 2017

The playful approach for dot Sony new gTLD

Sony uses their dot Sony new gTLD in a playful way   The new James Bond Spectre movie was released in Nov 2015 and Sony supported the launch with a game in the new gTLD space: The objective was to find and capture the bad guys who wanted to capture Moneypenny. [...]

12 03, 2017

Dot Audi supports German dealerships

Dot Audi supports German dealerships Audi is now using the new gTLD dot audi to support its distribution network, following similar programmes in place by MMA, Seat, or Mini. Audi is deploying it at a very large scale – 500 domains – and with complete and complex websites, including a full catalogue and a description [...]

19 12, 2016

Dot brand Domains Support Branding

Branding and domain names The domain name is an essential component of the global branding strategy. The objectives of that strategy are usually linked to brand protection against cyber-squattting, as well as localization via the ccTLD. The brands tried to have a domain that is as close to the brand as possible - typically, [...]

16 11, 2016

Creativity in Second Level Domains of the dot brand world

Creativity and domain names This article refers to the article published in Marie-Emmanuelle Haas website on Nov 14, 2016 , where we show how brands creativity lead to a very diverse panel of domain names. Dot brands are very different in essence to generics, as they are owned by one brand who can register more [...]