dot bnpparibas takes dot brand seriously

Some brands have been granted the right to use their brand name as a top level domain name, replacing .com. BNPParibas is leading the new dot brand world in a certain number of metrics, with the dotbnpparibas. They are the most popular dot brand website, according to Alexa, as is ranked 3’300 most popular site. They were the first bank to switch their online banking site to a new dot brand website. They have a full collection of sites, from core heavy websites, to ligher and campaign oriented mini or micro sites such as or

The site mabanque, in the dot bnpparibas landscape, is very well ranked on the search engines, as the site is very high in the google SERP, when searching for ma banque, proving that the exercise was done thoroughly by the bank.

Good SEO for mabanque dot bnpparibas


Advertising campaings mentioning dot bnpparibas

The launch of the core “mabanque” site was carried out in the second half of 2015, and was really one of the very first launches. It was supported by some adwords campaigns as well. More and more sites are created, as there were 21 sites in dot bnpparibas found in the search engines in April 2016, and already 30 sites in June 2016, according to our research programme, the dot brand observatory –

BNPParibas has launced a series of major advertising, some of them are on the radio, and some on posters. These posters mention very clearly the dot bnpparibas domain in their reference.

It is interesting to note that the www. is present on these advertising, most probably in order to clearly indicate it is a website, as customers are not presently used to understanding that is actually a website.

pub bnpparibas detail_2


new dot brands are making constant progress

The dot brand observatory shows a significant growth in new dot brand domain names. The growth is a combination of major launches – mma launches 1700 domain names early may –  but also fundamental changes, as 10 new brands became active in the last 2 months, and 34 new sites were created.