Vision and domain name

The BMW group has launched three concepts called “next 100”. The three concepts are similar but there are three different types of internet adress :

BMW is using the new dot brand Top Level Domain:

Mini is using a dedicated URL in .uk, integrates some content in the mini site,, and redirects from their dot brand url

Rolls Royce is using a dedicated URL in .com,, integrates content in their main domain

Vision of the Future and Brand Building

Brand building and DNA can be assessed by many different methodologies – but all agree that the Vision of the Future is one of the key components.

The car industry is an excellent example of how to build up concrete visions of the future, via concept cars and prototypes. The first concept car was built as early as 1938 by Buick. A prototype serves a certain number of purposes, from both a brand side and a customer side. The brand can see and understand the public’s reactions, listen to the discussions, the comments – positive and negative, and help them shape their future models. The Porsche 989, developed in 1988, was a first attempt by Porsche to develop a 4 door car. The Panamera only came on the market in 2009.

A prototype also helps to educate the customer to new design trends and concepts.

dot brand, future concept in digital marketing

A parallel can be drawn with domain names, and specifically the introduction of the new gTLD dot brand.

565 brands have been granted the right and the responsibility of managing their own piece of the internet : Their Brand Top Level Domain, coexisiting with .com or .fr, or any one of the other new gTLD such as .ski and .club.

These brands are now trying to discover what the future of websites will be. the dot brand observatory – – is the most valuable resource to understand and assess what is happening on the new domain name space, and how brands are using that asset for brand building.

Next 100 vision and Domain Names

The BMW group is composed of 3 main car brands – BMW, mini and Rolls Royce – and one motorbike brand – BMW Motorrad. BMW is celebrating their 100th anniversary, as they were founded on March 7, 1916 in Munich.

The next 100 concept is leveraging this anniversary and showcasing a vision of the next 100 years design, material, and technology. The same concept has been applied to the three brands, and declined over various supports – facebook pages, events, and mini site.

Three minisites have been built by the three brands, and every brand has been using their own URL strategy.

BMW owns .bmw and has hosted their mini-site in, adding the domain name into their vision of the future and in their brand building exercise.

BMW is using their new Top Level domain gTLD dot brand for their next 100 concept

Mini owns the .mini dotbrand Top Level Domain, but uses a .uk domain to showcase their concept.

mini next 100 concept uses a ccTLD and not their dot brand

Rolls Royce has a dedicated microsite in a .com domain.

Rolls Royce next 100 concept, with an original URL