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27 10, 2016

Dot brand observatory – October research

The observatory The dot brand observatory is our research programme about brands that own their new domain extension. The observatory features a summary of the present landscape of branded TLD activity, from a global standpoint and identifying the main trends: What are the naming strategies for the brands second level domain names What usage for [...]

2 10, 2016

dot google new gTLD

dot Google new Top Level Domain name status Com dot google After having launched com dot google in April 2015, google went very quiet on the new domain name extension space. com dot google was a April egg, where all the page was presented as if it were in a mirror. Google logo was inverted. [...]

15 06, 2016

dot BNPParibas is on advertising material

dot bnpparibas takes dot brand seriously Some brands have been granted the right to use their brand name as a top level domain name, replacing .com. BNPParibas is leading the new dot brand world in a certain number of metrics, with the dotbnpparibas. They are the most popular dot brand website, according to Alexa, as mabanque.bnpparibas [...]

24 03, 2016

dot brand observatory, a resource for all stakeholders

Dot brand observatory, a resource for all stakeholers in the domains world The dot brand observatory is a research programme that captures and analyses 360 degree data from all the dot brand Top Level Domains. Some early adopters from the largest brands in the world, such as BMW or Apple and Sony, Microsoft etc.. applied for [...]

20 09, 2015

Dot Brand domains growth

Generics new gTLD went live early 2014, and dot brands domains a few months later. There was a big increase of delegation around April 2015, and then again around July 2015. These increases correspond to deadlines from ICANN, depending on the type of requests, of negotiations on the contract etc.. It also corresponds to the moment when [...]

20 09, 2015

Dot Brand split per Industry

512 brands have applied for spec 13 on their .brand. This means that these brands want to use their Top Level Domain for their own purpose, and that they will not be in the business of selling domain names. 79 financial institutions, such as credit card, banks or insurances have applied for their .brand for their [...]

20 09, 2015

Dot Brand domains number

On Sept 20, 2015, brands having applied for "spec 13", meaning that they plan to use their Top Level Domain for their own and not resell it, were 512. They had registered a total of 1888 domains. 342 brands were not "delegated" yet, meaning that they are not in the root of the internet and cannot [...]