Compared growth of old and new gTLD – nov 2015

growth of old and new gTLD
In November 2015, the number of legacy Top Level Domain names, mainly .com, .net and .org, grew significantly. According to domainwire, Verisign issued a statement about a strong increase in demand coming from China. figures estimate this growth to approximately 4 million domain names, as the figures we noted were as follows :

  • 18 October : 145 million domain names
  • 28 Novembre : 149 million domain names

new gTLD also saw a peak of demand in November – many say and club.

As a result, the growth of new gTLD and old gTLD since early 2014 are more or less equivalent – they both grew by 10 million in 2 years.

The new gTLD growth is continuing at a sustained pace, with some new extensions being very popular and growing a very strong speed, such as .top

new gTLD - growth of biggest extensions

Most popular new gTLD growth