dot stories supports your dot brand activation

1 – Assess, via Precise and Relevant data

2 – Design your ecosystem

3 – Launch, Learn and Optimize

 We support you the design your dot brand

Dot brand is not a website, you will support the design a consistent and efficient ecosystem

A Design Framework

dot stories’ has created a dedicated and proven design methodology for dot brand. We will faciliate and support you match the process to your organization. 

dot brand projects are prototypes, needs to be discussed, shared and pushed foward. We are facilitating the discussions, helping ideation processes, selection and prioritization of ideas.

dot stories can also support your project management . Our team can create dot brand internal documentation, project plan and run project status and updates to help you mobilize energies or deploy the project.

From strategy to operations

dot stories supports you across all the steps of your project

Whether you are still in inception phase, or if you want to run global dot brand operations, you can leverage dot stories expertise or systems.

Via dot stories’  proprietary market intelligence, expertise in digital marketing, in change management and domain names, create your dot brand strategy and corresponding tactics that supports the global brand vision.

Our patent pending cloud based system makes it easy to create and manage a portfolio of domains, publish and measure the customer journey on your dot brand TLD.

Manage the change

dot stories’ team has a track record in implementation of disruptive innovations

Focus on your strategy

dot stories provides you with the implementation processes and tools 

Tag your domains to organize your portfolio, fine tune your domain names to maximize reach, make sure that no domain is published before it is approved by your IP, publish genuine content on hundreds of domains : dot stories cockpit can do all that.

You can focus on your brand strategy and use the power of dot brand to help you be more efficient and bring better service to your customers.

Count on our Support

Our clients are our priority

We are on the same boat, and have the same objective: offer a successful experience to your end-customers on your dot brand assets. You are the pioneers in this unknown territory of dot brand and new domain names management for brands. It is by carefully listening to your feedbacks, ideas and projects that we will stay on cutting edge of innovation and that we can keep innovating in that space. Your inputs are the best way for us to enhance and improve our systems and tools and keep our competitive advantage.
We are dedicated to bringing the best service and your success is our objective.