Retailer and ecommerce traffic

Business Insider released a study on UK shoppers behaviour in Q2 2016. Instead of going through search engines or display ads, these online customers prefer to go directly to their preferred retailer’s website. According to Business Insider : “This data demonstrates a high level of brand loyalty, and suggests that UK consumers tend to know exactly where they want to go to shop”.

As much as 41% of UK online shoppers go directly to a retailer’s website when making purchases.

UK retailer site traffic shoes brand loyalty

On the other hand,  only 19% of e-commerce orders in the US came from shoppers going directly to a retail site in Q1 2016, and that number is decreasing for 25% the year before.

direct entry and domain names are important for e-commerce

This shows quite a large difference, that can be explained by the local behaviour difference ( UK and US ). The ratio of paid search origin in the e-commerce orders shows the opportunity of  new dot brands, in trying to capture more direct traffic and therefore reduce the cost of customer acquisition.


What does that mean for dot brand ?

SEO is a very important factor and element in the design and implementation of dot brand, to generate traffic, brand awareness and to help the whole brand discovery process.

Having nice and memorable domain name is also of great important to the brand, as direct traffic represents a large share of retailer’s traffic and a smaller, but significant, share of e-commerce orders.

In the case of a dot brand domain, the right choice of the second level domain is essential : It can help SEO on the search for that specific keyword, and makes the domain more memorable.

Leclerc is a good example : They launched two e-commerce websites, both have very memorable and representative domain names, and There is also, that redirects to the parapharmacie ecommerce website.  Furthermore, Leclerc is communicating about these domain names in advertising and leaflets, and is presently carrying out a paid search campaign