New gTLD awareness

There are 26 million domain names in new gTLD, but customer awareness is still relatively low. Amongst the most popular new gTLD domain name are, that is ranked 313 most popular website by Alexa.

BNPParibas is the most active dot brand domain name. is the most popular dot brand website, large advertising promotes, and the band has invested 200 kUSD in adwords on in December 2015, in oreder to drive traffic to their website. This amount is not specifically linked to dot brands, as it corresponds more or less to the budget spend in 2014, when dot brand was not yet active.

advertising for new gTLD awareness

redirection and adwords of “.com” to “.bnpparibas”

The first major site launched by BNPParibas was the transactional, that was replacing That transfer took place end of 2015. The marketing site, remained live until mid summer 2016, and is now transferred to This site is the new marketing site for the bank. It receives less traffic, and serves a different purpose than the transactional website.

The domain name is supported a programme of adwords. In order to promote the transfer and support customer awareness, and adword was placed on  Search for naturally results in ranking at the first position. Through this adword interesting strategy, the french bank enables the new domain name to appear above that organic result.

adword for


This strategy is relatively cheap, as the adword “” has limited competition and the click only costs around 24 cents on It is also an excellent customer awareness programme, as it promotes the new domain name to anyone searching for the “legacy” website,

A good marketing plan drives customer education

BNPParibas is not promoting the new domain names to raise the customer awareness. One of the objectives of their global marketing and brand promotion effort is to raise the global brand equity. The new domain names actually support this brand equity, and the customer education is a natural side effect of a well planned and executed campaign.