Domain names have a meaning.

But that meaning was mainly concentrated in the left part of the domain. The right part of the domain was mainly an indication global site or local site. means that you are going on the global website of a brand. means that you are going on the german site of the brand

The new domain names now gives a new role to the domain name extension. The extension is not just a flag, it is a true part of the name of the website.

swiss watches

Haldimann is a swiss watchmaker. The concept of Swiss made is meaningful, it appears on the swiss made watches only if a certain level of work has been realized in Switzerland, and is a sign for customers, that this watch was made with respect to the tradition of precision, accuracy and quality.
swiss made on a watch also shows, in a different way and with different selection criteria, how haldimann is linked to the swissness, much more than or is also an option to indicate swissness in the domain name, but it definitely less impactfull.

swiss watchmaker uses swiss domain extension



Branded domain names are even more powerful. The brand name is already in the extension, and the brand can build its own domain organization.

  • JCB, the japanese credit card issuer, uses geographies, showing how they adress local areas and countries.
  • MMA, the french insurer, uses names of cities and places, showing how they are local.
  • Weir, the pump manufacturer, uses their subbrands and product names, showing clearly how they relate the subbrand to the main one.
  • Clubmed, the french holiday resort, uses keywords that have great value –

Power of association

The new domain names play with two words, and increase the density of the message by much more than a factor two, just like a team can be much more powerfull than the sum of the inviduals.. if the team members work together.