Dot Audi supports German dealerships

Audi is now using the new gTLD dot audi to support its distribution network, following similar programmes in place by MMA, Seat, or Mini. Audi is deploying it at a very large scale – 500 domains – and with complete and complex websites, including a full catalogue and a description of the services in place.


Audi has registered over 500 domain names corresponding to every Audi Service Centers in Germany, as well as to their external distribution partners and licensees over Germany.
The domain name is a combination of:

  • Company name in the case of external companies or Audi Zentrum for the Audi brand itself.
  • Location of the dealership, separated by a hyphen
  • Brand, located at the top level.

Some of these partners may have several dealerships. Auto Singer for instance is an Audi dealer that owns 3 garages in south Bavaria – in Martkoberdorf, Buchloe and Kaufbeuren. Audi registered the domain name
Some others, such as fleischhauer, have seven domain names for their various locations.


In total, Audi has 1356 dealerships locations in Germany, and more than one third of them now have a domain name.


Most of the pages resolve in a 401 – Unauthorized error, but seven of them resolved to a minisite on Feb 1, 2017.

One of the active dealer would have three websites. Singer for instance would have :

  • The .audi site :
  • Their site,, where they showcase Audi, but also VW, or Skoda that they also resell.
  • The dealer page in the audi site,

Navigation and content

The sites are relatively large, as one site had 365 pages listed in Google. There are two main sections in the site: Models and “menu”.
The model part also includes the availability of the model
The menu part, informs the visitor about:

  • New cars and availability at the dealer
  • Use cars and availability at the dealer
  • Offers – such as winter products or tire service
  • Customer service, including contact person and booking for appointment.
  • About us, including contact persons at the dealer
  • Corporate customers and fleet management

Some content is highly tailored to the domain name. The site, even has some pages in Czech to address the Czech neighbours.

Look and feel

The look and feel is identical to website, using the same icons and style.




Audi provides an excellent branding tool to their dealers with the dot audi programme. They reinforce the digital presence of its dealers. A search in Google for audi zentrum Dresden will show the .audi site as number one result. The programme is still in its early stages, as only a few dealerships are actually live and most of them are still protected behind username and password.