dot bnpparibas in London Airport

BNPParibas took a very large advertising space fot dot bnpparibas and dot come websites, at the main entrance for departures for London Heathrow, Terminal 2.  A screen displays at least two animations, calling out to go and visit two different websites:

dot bnpparibas domain name advertising


  • The other advertising promotes the “.bnpparibas” dot brand website – – CIB means Corporate Investment Banking
dot bnpparibas domain name advertising

dot bnpparibas domain name advertising

Remarkable points

There are at least three remarkable points :

1 – is actually a redirect dot The website mentioned on the advertising could have been The user would in any case end up on that website.

2 – Inversly, bnpparibas could have created “” and redirected it to the other website, but that domain has not been registere – if I type in my browser bar in chrome, Google will suggest me that I may have forgotten about the .com.



3 – The dot brand advertising shows www. before the website, the other one does not. Apart from that, there is no mention about the fact that this is a new domain name, or a new gTLD, domain extension etc.. Users will recognize the website and type in the right domain name in their browser bar. Customers are maybe not yet very familiar with dot brand domain names, but the brand did not feel necessary to communicate about the use of a dot brand domain. As Elon Musk said : “Any product that needs a manual to work is broken!” – this is not the case here !