The brands represent approximately half of the new Top Level Domain names. Spec 13 is the addendum to the ICANN contract that enables .brands to be operated in a closed fashion. 1203 invitations to contracting have been sent out, and 492 “spec 13” requests have been filed, representing  41% of the active applications in mid december 2014.

The open TLD’s objective is to sell domain names as fast as possible in order to generate revenue.
Then brands want to make the best use of their TLD to add value to their brand, requiring lots of thinking and generating indirect value. The brands are therefore moving on less quickly than the open TLD. 38 brand TLD have been delegated, representing 9% of the total delegation.
Looking at the domain names itself, the share of the “dot brands” is extremely low, with a total of 121 domain names out of 3.5 million, representing 0.003 % of the domains.
The most active domain is .monash with a total of 20 domain names.
The comes .bnpparibas with 12 domains
.dnp has 11 domains
.suzuki has 9 domains
Out of the 38 “.brand” delegated domains, 22 only have one domain.