Branded Links

Branded Links

Replace ex.ly/RaNdOm by collection.brand/promotion and share across Social Media, campaigns, events. Improve your Branded Links increase click through by 39%. It is the easiest and most effective way to start, learn and provide effective results with your Brand TLD.

We identify and recommend the most efficient keyword based on your objectives and your content. You select the best keywords and share them across the internet.

Branded, Memorable and Specific

Branded: The TLD is the brand name. The link is necessarily branded. You can also add some sub-brands, or some important keywords, reflecting brands values such as sustainability.

Memorable: Traditional short links cannot be memorized. The can only be clicked, but typed. Dot brand Branded Links are easy to remember.

Specific: the shortcut can have two keywords associated : The Second Level Domain and the Path. keyword1.brand/keyword2

Attach brand name to the link increases the guarantees for your followers that you are not redirecting them to spam or phishing sites, but that the content you are linking them to is relevant to them and consistent with your brand. This increased trust can improve CTR (click through rate) up to 39% when compared to generic short urls or long, unbranded links.

Proven Back Office

Dot Stories’ ShortURL backoffice is operated by Rebrandly. Rebrandly provides a proven Back Office and a user friendly interface.  Rebrandly runs milliions of redirects from multiple datacenters accross the globe. It is hosted by Amazon and has an uptime over 99% . It is loved by thousands of people and businesses such as Dropbox or Sage.

Advanced Marketing

 User can be sent to a different website if they are visiting from a mobile phone / speaking a specific language / clicking for the 3rd time. Brands have control over the destination a link brings users to, based on the natural behaviour of that user. Brands can deliver more relevant and customised messages to users and optimise the conversion rate.

People who click on links can be added to the retargeting lists.

Track advanced stats including conversion ratio.

Dot brand branded links are trusted and therefore enjoy an improved deliverability of every message containing a link that is shared via social media or a mailing system.