Dot Brand Design

Naming, Content and User Experience

Your Dot Brand project is at the epicenter of your Naming strategy, your Branding, and your Customer Experience. We help you find the best names for your domains, based on your owned, paid and earned digital media. We support you in designing your content strategy and identify what domain should be a major site, a campaign site or a Branded Link. We work with you on the delivery of a better and more efficient Customer Experience.

Your domain must be designed to help you reach your objectives for the future. Your dot brand design must be fluid and agile, understandable and well shaped. Use of third level domain names must be carefully looked at.

Our dedicated Dot Brand Framework provides a benchmark of your strategy and a comparison basis with your competitors and best practices.

Launch Strategy

We define with you the best go live approach in order to minimize risks. You may wish to start learning from pilot projects, or start directly with large programmes and websites. Every Dot Brand project is specific and depends on your actual digital assets, your technologies, your internal culture as well as the possible existing projects. Launching new Domain Names can be very sensitive and must be carefully planned to deliver efficient results.

Process and Registry

As part of your dot brand design, we also engineer and develop your functional processes. We create, analyse or review your documentation such as naming guidelines, web agency briefing documents, presentations for senior management and decision makers, as well as internal communication leaflets to support engagement of key stakeholders.

We can outsource the complete operations of your TLD, and deal with your operational issues and constraints of operating a TLD. We can  provide with peace of mind so that you can focus on your added value tasks : Create better experiences for your customers.

Go Live and Change Management

We can run and operate any dot brand project from project management to operational expertise, orchestrating your web agencies, hosting providers, registrars and registry operators, SEO experts and internal stakeholders.

Our experts are experienced digital projects managers and have carried out e-commerce launch projects or major ERP Software in large multinational and multicultural companies.