Short URL use

Brands use short URL to create deep linking to specific content or pages on their websites. Many non branded services support these short URL – is one of the popular services that shortens URLs. They create a random list of around six caracters that redirect to a given URL. has created, by end of december 2016, 28  billion short URLs. is another similar service.

Some brands have developed their own short URL engine, such as or

– with new gTLD

Other brands can use the or branded domain name shorterner, with a branded domain name. As previously mentioned, tiffany’s – the famous new york jeweller – uses to create their own branded short domains with the domain Tiffany’s short URL correspond to

– with dot brand Top Level Domains

Active network is an american company that provides software as a service for activity and participant management. Active network has created 170 short URLs from the domain, that redirect to specific pages from their actual websites. The format of these short URL is

They can be found in google, as shown below.: new domain name is used for short domain names

All of these domains are short domain names, and are powered by bitly. is used for branded short URL


Implemented but limited use so far

This is one of the use cases for brands that can be implemented right away. While this seems to be an interesting usecase, the facebook posts, twitter and instagram do not refer to that URL and are using the traditional or other URL shorteners. Active network may be using these new branded shorteners on a number of their events, but none of them could be found on traditional social media channels.