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The dot brand observatory is our research programme about brands that own their new domain extension. The observatory features a summary of the present landscape of branded TLD activity, from a global standpoint and identifying the main trends:

  • What are the naming strategies for the brands second level domain names
  • What usage for these new domain names . beyond the basic and mandatory nic.brand page :
    • Shortcuts to access other content and domain name (3163 out of 4802 )
    • Actual real website ( 567 out of 4802 )
  • Traditional technology ( Apache, IIS and IBM webservers / php or ASP etc. ) are suited for dor brand websites
  • How branded domain names are ranking¬†in Search Engines
  • Most brands are using as their “main” welcome page the domains home and group
  • And many other questions

We also identify the performance of the brands regarding five key criteria –

  • Search optimisation and performance, looking at the number of links that point to websites within the dot brand environment
  • Content hosted in the corresponding domain names, from
  • Volume – i.e. number of domains registered by brands
  • Taxonomy – Most domain names are geographic related, and the most popular language is english. only a few brands are using multilingual domain names.
  • Popularity – Are many end-users using dot brand domains ? This is very much related to the awareness of new domain names. Most popular domains are, and

We also look at detailed brand strategy – what do they chose to launch first ? Transactional websites, marketing websites, or micro-sites for campaigns ?

Discover on, to get some inspiration for your teams, to benchmark your own strategy and thought process, or to understand better this new world and environment.