Brand’s performance

We recently released an article in Circle ID, looking at the performance of brands who applied for their brand at a Top Level, and the other brands.

Brands are a treasure and an asset. They drive loyalty, enable to offer higher prices, generate preference.  Interbrand publishes the top value based on a 100 brands monetary value, estimated on a combination of three factors  :

— Financial
— Influence of brand
— Strength of brand

Apple, for instance, has an estimated value of USD 178 billion in 2016

DHL’s brand value is estimated around USD 5.7 billion.

Dot brand

In April 2012, organizations were able to apply for a Top Level Domain – the part of the domain name that is at the right of the dot – .com for . 600 brands approximately were entitled to use the brand name as a Top Level Domain. Fage, the dairy company can create domains such as, and google can create These domains can be used for branded short URL, for product catalogue, for licensees, and also for the distribution network.

Brand value and dot brand

performance of dot brand compared to othersThe most powerful brand in the world were not mistaken : 48 brands out of the top 100 own a branded Top Level domain.

Between 2012 and 2016, the total value of the “dot brand” grew by 37%, while the other brands only grew by 16%.

The total value of the top 100 brands is around USD 1’800 billion.

The 48 dot brand applicants correspond to 67% of the total value, with approx 1’200 billion USD, while the 52 remaining own 33% of the total, or approximately USD 600 billion.

The brand with the largest growth is Facebook, with 500% in 5 years and did not apply for their dot brand. The five next fastest growing brands have been applying for at least one new gTLD.