Seat and their dealers on dot brand new gTLD

Seat is a spanish car manufacturer that has applied for their “dot brand” Top Level Domain name.  The new gTLD programm enabled organizations, amongst which brands, to apply for new Top Level Domains, to add to the present “.com”. Seat has successfully applied and has been delegated with the management of “.seat”. They can now create domain names with that TLD, in order to support their business objectives and strategy.

Seat relies on a network of car dealerships to sell their cars. Seat is using the new “dot Seat”gTLD to promote and recognize its official car dealers, by creating a domain :, accross approximately 80 dealers in spain – from what we could see.

dot brand use case : retailer

dot brand use case : retailer

dot brand use case : retailer


The domains were created mid february, and are based on a template approach. The pageshave similar look and feel, but the content varies. Every page has the picture of the dealership, the contact information and enables to take appointements. It is a true enhancement in customer service, who can find directly its dealer and type in the URL immediately, accessing the whole range of services. It also enables to clearly differentiate the authorized and official dealers and partners, giving them a clear advantage over the non authorized competition. The after sales market is huge for cars, as some studies estimate a cost per year around 1’200 € (

The car dealer has his own website, living in parallel to the dot brand new gTLD landing page.

retailer website lives in parallel to dot brand

Work still in progress

Seat is using Apache webservers, and Adobe CQ CMS. The pages were originally hosted under sub-level domain names : “”.

The link from Seat’s website, and google still points to the adress. The domain is redirected to “”. Seat has not yet changed the email structure, that still uses

Such a migration is not an easy task and takes time, and energy.

dot brand use case : retailer dot brand use case : retailer

The domains “” have partially been declared to google. The specific search of the sites with that URL shows the iruna motors was declared, but not search

dot brand use case : retailer


dot stories

Seat has been using existing pages of content and had already a structure that could enable them to deploy that strategy.

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