“dot brands”, or CorpTLD, is the name used to talk about the brands who have applied for a generic Top Level Domain name, where the TLD string represents their brand – or the abbreviation of the brand. For instance, bmw has applied for “.bmw” and is able to use and create new domains such as “drive.bmw” or “i3-fr.bmw”.
This some together with the creation of many sites on new gTLD – such as “.guru”, “.science” or “.xyz”. This represents a total of nearly 6 million domain names. It is quite a new way to build up sites, with a functional point of view ( photo, surf, kichen etc..) instead of a country code that is purely administrative, or a .com which is totally generic.
.brands goes further in that direction, as brands will now be able to have a holistic multi domain presence instead of a single domain previously.

506 brands are in the process for a closed Top Level Domain, out of which 389 still need to create their domain. This figure evolves constantly as brands move along the process.

out of the 117 brands who already have their new gTLD, 79 only created the mandatory domains to comply with minimal rules.

38 brands are now actually moving and have more than one domain.

The number of domains on these 38 brands is :

SCA is the most active brand with 489 domains
Sky is number 2 with 193 domains
NRA comes next, with 142 domains