511 brands applied for their name as a new Top Level Domain, usually called “dot brands” or “corp TLD”. This “dot brand” opens a new field of options and possibilities for brands, that just started to be explored.
The 511 “dot brands” are identified by an addendum to the ICANN contract called “spec 13”. The list of “Spec 13” requests can be found here¬†https://newgtlds.icann.org/en/applicants/agb/base-agreement-contracting/specification-13-applications

3 “brands” are in public comment period, meaning that they have not been accepted as “dot brands” yet – that is .mormon, .lds and .kpn – 2 churches and one telecom company. This illustrates perfectly the variety of requests that were put to ICANN as top level domains.

The brands who started to be active are still very few. On the 511 brands requests, only 24 have more than one domain visible when performing searched on google – knowing that the mandatory domain nic.brand is automatically created when the TLD is “delegated”.

Monash has 9 domains
bnpparibas has 8 domains
dnp and axa have 7 domains
sky has 5
yandex has 4 domains
scb, bloomberg, bmw, neustar, latrobe all have 3 domains ( including nic.brand)
barclays, barclaycard, emerck, goo, praxi, everbank, cern, otsuka, mini, wme williamhill and saxo have 2 domains.
All the other brands still only have nic.brand visible on google.

Some brands have a large number of domains created in their zone file. sca has 579 and bloomberg have 242. It is not yet clear what is tried to be achieved there, if the other domains are internal and voluntarily kept outside google, or wether these domains are simple technical tests.

The most popular second level domains are
www.brand : 3 occurrences
home.brand : 2 occurrences ( but they are for barclays and for barclaycard)
about.brand : 2 occurrences

All the other domains are used only once. Some of them are very specific to the business or the brand :

Some are more functional based on customer potential need :

Watch closely the next steps !

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