Are dot brands promoting sustainability ?

We are very happy to have participated in the workshop on digital economy for development at the WSIS in Geneva, together with evolving consulting and swiss engineering.

The fundamental debated issues dealt with inclusion, digital divide and how digital developments benefits are distributed.

Major brand have Corporate Social Responsibitilies programmes.

The brand name is the brand identity. Brand recognition, whether it is spontaneous awareness – the consumers’ ability to recall a brand when given cues that may help them to recall the brand – or aided awareness – the consumers remembering that there was past exposure to the brand, and the ability to confirm that they have previously heard or seen the brand, is a very popular KPI for marketers.

Another one is the values that the customers perceive in the brand, and to which they also adhere, creating shared values and sense of community with the brand. These go in what M.Kapferer calles personality and culture in his brand prism.

Clubmed has associated values of sustainability and brand in one domain :

dot brands promoting sustainability

Interestingly, they have also create for french speakers.

Foundation is the most frequently used second level domain name related to sustainability and inclusion, as 4 brands in total have created domains :

bloomberg, citic, sener and shriram

2 brands use domain names with charity ; saxo, and bloomberg with

Abbott use “life to the fullest” –, and which shows how to live a better life, are also talking about brand values.

Promoting brand values, not directly linked to the business and the product of the brand, but creating a culture, an image and bringing people to the brand is a good use case for dot brands.

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