“dot Brand” is a new generation of new gTLD. Unlike the “open” gTLD, the “dot Brand” will be closed.
Only the brand will be allowed to have a second level domain in their new gTLD. To ensure smooth operations of their new domain name and compliance with ICANN, an addendum to the contract had to be requested before end of October. This is known, under ICANN jargon, as “spec 13”.

On November 11, a total of 483 “spec 13” were requested by brands, on a total of 1400 applications still in process. That’s nearly 35% of applications for “dot brands”.  This shows that brands are quite active in the process and that the legal departments have done a great job moving the application forward.

A few steps separate “spec 13” request and “delegation” – the point where new gTLDs are in the root servers of the internet. Yet, only 34 brands have been “delegated” into the root, out of total of 430 delegated strings, i.e. 8%

Applications : 34% of brands
Delegated : 8% of brands

Why is that ? Brands are still struggling to grab this big unknown potential, as in so many revolutions. It takes time and energy for a revolution to happen !

Home pages may disappear, as Jennifer Wolfe also explains on her site.
We may have a much more user oriented organizations, where the traditional “personas” used to design a site become scenarios.