Brands having applied for their brand name as top level domain, are more commonly described as “dot brands”. It is a big investment and commitment for a brand.

Yet, the use of these “dot brands” is not very clearly identified by the brands and their marketers, and the brands therefore are not rushing towards contractualisation and delegation.

Requests Contract Delegation Strings
non Spec 13  925  631  452  4’405’857
Spec 13  484  188  65 372
On the 1409 total strings applied, 484 were “dot brands”, representing 34%
On the total number of contracts signed on feb 20, 2015, 23% only are “dot brands”
On the total number of delegated strings, only 13% are “dot brands”. Back in November, that represented only 8% of the new gTLD.
And on the total number of strings, 0,008% are “for brands” second level domains.
The graph represent that quite clearly.