“Dot brands” is one of the major changes brought by the new gTLD program. While SCA has, by far, the most domains, it looks like it it hard to find any of those pages on google, which returns only nic.sca and whois.sca pages..

These pages may actually be used for internal purposes.
dot brands can be characterized by their use of “spec 13”, amending the contract with ICANN to take into consideration the differences linked to the use of gTLD by brands. More details, including the list of applicants, can be found here : https://newgtlds.icann.org/en/applicants/agb/base-agreement-contracting/specification-13-applications
Brands have come into play only as of early 2015 really, as the following chart shows. There are 109 dot brands delegated, which still represents less than 20% of the applications.
The average number of domains on these 109 new gTLD is approximately 10, as there are 1’186 domains on the “dot brands”. This average hides a huge discrepancy, as the domains vary from 1 to 488.
There was, between may and november 2014, a temporary higher number of new gTLD. This is also .sca who has been using 200 names during that period, before coming back to one domain.