dot Google new Top Level Domain name status

Com dot google

After having launched com dot google in April 2015, google went very quiet on the new domain name extension space. com dot google was a April egg, where all the page was presented as if it were in a mirror. Google logo was inverted.

com dot google lamborghini

Registry dot google

Registry dot google – – is the site that contains the mandatory content when operating a registry. This content is usually hosted directly under the page nic.brand, but google redirects the, as well as all the other google brand domains, such as gmail, android.

It is also the domain that provides the mandatory information for the commercial TLD such as .mov, .new or .fly.


registry dot google domain name

Domains dot google

Domains dot google – –  is the registrar site for google. It is so far still in Beta version, available only to US residents, but should be rolled out to more countries. This is a direct competition for godaddy or 1and1. It is the third most popular dot brand domain name, after and

domains dot google domain name

Blog dot google

Early October 2016, Google released blog .google, their latest dot brand domain. This is the third domain name, hosting 538 pages. Interestingly, the title of the blog is “the keyword”. This is very close to Google’s core business, as search is still very keyword driven.

The blog does not mention the word gTLD, and domain name’s related most recent post is dated from May. The use of the new dot brand is not explained or communicated, it is simply used as if it were obvious.

blog dot google new domain name

Redirected dot google domains

Google also redirects a certain number of their dot brand domains to other existing premises redirects to redirects to

Is it the “end of the beguinning” for new dot brand ?

The dot brand space is progressing regularly, with eight brands who are using a dot brand domain as their main website. Google is now using a third dot brand domain name. Is that the sign that brand marketers are awaiting to launch their new dot brand domain name extension ?