Sener just launched its new website architecture, built with the new domain name extension.  This has been the subject of a press release, issued on June 2, 2016.

about Sener

Sener is an engineering company was founded in 1956. It specializes in offering technological solutions in construction and engineering. It is based in Spain, in the basque country and has over 2’000 employees.

Sener domain name extension overview

The press release explains how five main “core domains” have been created, with original content,

More active domain name extensions have not been mentioned in the press release:, which is the spanish translation of the main site, or which is in polish and that actually redirects to the spanish site. redirects to, and is not owned by Sener.

The activation of the new gTLD has enabled sener to have very clear and clean name space, composed of the major keywords and business lines of the company. Sener did not try to go for short domain names, as we see an average of 7 characters in the new gTLD dot brand and Sener, but rather put some keywords that are significant and representative for their business and products.

sener new dot brand gTLD domain name extension activation

The previous website was :

sener website before migrating to new gTLD

The launch of the new gTLD corresponds to the go live of a new website. The new domain name extension launch always goes way beyond a simple name change. The approach is opposite to weir – – who consolidated all of their domain names under one domain. In these early phases of launch, it will very interesting to monitor closely and understand more from the results and the efficiency of these launches.

The press release can be found on :

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