What is dot brand ?

dot brand is the new digital flagship for brands. It is the umbrella under which brands can consolidate and manage all their digital assets. Customers spend less and less time online, brands must provide them with better and more efficient communication channels, that will be in the future powered by dot brands. Start now mastering it before your competitors.

dot brand are also called :

  • corp TLD, as Corporate Top Level Domains

  • Single Registrants Domains, as only the brand can own a Second Level Domain

  • Branded TLD

dot brand domain name is composed of 2 domains

What is in a domain name ?

A domain name is composed of 2 parts, separated by a dot.

The right part is the Top Level Domain. It is the environment – the where, while the left part is the Domain itself,  the objective or the task that is pursued – the what. On a “dot brand”, customers will be looking for an objective on your brand territory. You will be able to provide them efficiently and clearly with what they expect.

Give volume to your digital presence

It is a challenge to host under one unique website very heterogenous type of information such as financial content, recruitment and HR, legal and IP information, product information, sales, distribution and so much more.

The new gTLD enables you to host a subtle and nuanced digital presence. You can create many different atmospheres, and make sure that the various elements of your digital landscape are synergized and do not compete for some piece of limited real estate.

mode volume in the dot brand websites
fluid navigation via dot brands

A fluid adaptative design

Web development is agile, new versions of the apps are elaborating the initial designs. Yet, your website structure remains quite unflexible, due to a highly engineered taxonomy and customer experience, based on personas.

With your dot brand gTLD, you’ll be able to reorganize your content in an agile, flexible and customer centric fashion.

Promise and Deliver

Your website is now a promise to the customer, not a simple portal. “service.brand” indicates clearly what the customer will find, providing him with a much more enjoyable online experience, improving customer satisfaction and consequently conversion and loyalty.

Deliver what the customer expects by placing the right content behind the right domain.

How can I get my .brand ?

In April 2012, organizations were able to apply for a Top Level Domain. 600 brands approximately were entitled to use the brand name as a Top Level Domain, enabling to create a multitude of second level branded domains. These domains can be used for branded short URL, for product catalogue, for licensees, and also for the distribution network.

This is a very powerful tool for marketing, providing the brands the capability to build the next generation digital flagship, and to offer to their customers a better, more explicit, and faster navigation.