e-commerce and new domain names extension

One of the hope behind new domain name extensions, or new gTLD, was the generation of value through added e-commerce efficiency, via creation of clear, specific and memorable URLs where the customer would find what they want.

On the illustration hereunder, the experience with sport.leclerc shows how a product can be used as a domain name:

dotbrand new gTLD e-commerce


The advertising using dot brand Top Level Domains can be very creative, mentioning the second level via visual and memorable elements :

sport.leclerc creative ad


Shopping process

The e-commerce site under sport.leclerc is quite standard, with the classical steps :

sport.leclerc ball

This includes the full shopping cart management under a dot brand Top Level Domain name. This site is running with an SSL certificate, and uses Magento e-commerce engine, which is one of the most popular engines worldwide.

The site has a very limited number of SKU, as is not linked to another e-commerce site – such as parapharmacy or jewellery, sold in http://www.lemanegeabijoux.com/. That site even seems to be based on a different technological solution as it is supported by the CMS Typo3.

French is the only available language, and the site is organised in order to favour the “in store” delivery.

The domain was created on Feb 5, 2016 and the SSL certificate was delivered by Thawte on May 3, 2016.

branded domain extension e-commerce

The confirmation email is sent from a .leclerc adress

sport.leclerc email


The delivery was made in one of Leclerc stores, as Leclerc is promoting their store pickup process – it is much cheaper and much more efficient, but limited to France. This is not a major issue for Leclerc as their main target is France.

The parcel was wrapped with a “www.e.leclerc” tape. That site redirects to http://www.e-leclerc.com/catalogue/achat-en-ligne, which is the main shopping portal for Leclerc.

e-commerce leclerc new gTLD dot brand

e-commerce leclerc new gTLD dot brand box with new domain name extension

A sticker on the box reminds the “sport.leclerc” origin :

e-commerce leclerc new gTLD dot brand

e-commerce leclerc new gTLD dot brand box sticker

The delivery note also mentions clearly the e-commerce origin from sport.leclerc

e-commerce leclerc new gTLD dot brand

e-commerce leclerc new gTLD dot brand



Shopping on a new dot brand gTLD is very seamless and can be achieved nicely. The wrapping tape mentioning www.e.leclerc is particularly well designed and shows the commitment to certain details by the e-commerce provider.

The process in the backoffice is quite standard and uses a standard e-commerce tool.

Read all about present dot brand status on https://observatory.domains – the dot brand observatory