New gTLD’s spectacular growth in Feb 2016

While dot brand still have very low registration volumes – less than 2’000 total domains – the generics new gTLD continue growing, and even increase their growth speed.

In February, as many as 2.7 million domains were registered in the new gTLD, 700’000 of them on .xyz, and 560’000 on .top. The total number of domains in the gTLD space has broken through the 15’000 domains ceiling early March 2016.

new and old gTLD growth

new and old Top Level Domain compared growth from early 2014

.wang registered as much as 350’000 domains early march.While it can always be questioned why there are such big steps on top of the continous flows of registrations, the volumes are here !

largest volume new gTLD growth

largest volume new gTLD growth

The 3 largest new gTLD to date, xyz top and wang,  have enjoyed a very large growth these last days.

In terms of ranking, there were also many changes over February. 2 newcomers in the top 10,  .bid and .site, are making their way.

It is interesting to note that the largest gTLD are usually short names :

.xyz, .top, .win, .club, .bid etc..

ranking of the new gTLD in volume over past 2 years

This ranking corresponds to the value end of Feb. As many registrations happened early march, this ranking has changed, as shown on the previous chart.