Go Live of Domain Extensions : Delegation

Go Live

We are witnessing the go live of the last new domain extensions. ICANN operates, amongst others,  the Internet’s Domain Name System, coordinates allocation and assignment of the Internet’s unique identifiers, such as Internet Protocol addresses. In 2012, it decided to open the Top Level Domains name space to organizations. From the 1930 applications received, 600 were brands applying for their brand name, such as BMW, sony or Nike.

ICANN controls the opening of the space via the root zone file, via the IANA. The root zone file is served by 13 server clusters, that are the authoritative servers for the top level of the internet.

Any DNS query starts with a query to a root server, or via an information that was once obtained via the root zone files.


A new Top Level Domain is live when it is registered in the root zone file.

ICANN calls it the delegation


Delegation: The process through which the root zone is edited to include a new TLD, and the management of domain name registrations under such TLD is turned over to the registry operator.


A TLD cannot be accessed directly. In order for a user to be able to access a site, there must a TLD and a Second Level Domain name – e.g. dotstories.com. When delegated, one second level domain name is created, nic.TLD. A certain number of basic information is mandatory in that nic page.

90% of delegations are now from brands

Go Live of new domain extensions

The new TLD can be categorized in various ways. We look here are the “open TLD” – even though they can be restricted, such as .pharmacy for instance – and at the “Closed TLD” or the dot brand.

While the first delegated strings were open TLD, we see very clearly that most of the domain names delegated presently are dot brand. Over 95% of the delegations in July were for brands.

Brands may have waited to delegate, they are now nearly all delegated with the management of their new dot brand Top Level Domain.

Growth of new domain extension