The question we try to answer is whether the price of new gTLD has an influence on the growth or not. We estimated the price based on godaddy‘s pricing, for the approximately 300 largest TLD in volume, discarding the ones that godaddy was not proposing for one or another reason – mainly IDNs or dot geos were not available. We did not consider either the temporary special offers from godaddy.

The price vary between 1.99 USD to 799.99 USD, with 3 peaks : 48 domains are priced at 24.99 USD, 138 at 39.99 USD and 49 at 69.99 USD. There are also 10 domains priced at 129.99 USD.

We defined 4 main categories of price :

0 to 30 USD : 205 domains

30 to 60 USD : 68 domains

60 to 90 USD : 10 domains

90 to 120 USD : 12 domains


As per the growth, we took the domain volumes based on the data of, and calculated an average daily growth = total volume / number of days since General Availability.

The typical growth is below 35 new second level domains per day. Some grow much faster, such as .online, with 1700 new domains per day, or .win who grows at a rhythm of 2575 domains per day. We did not consider these extreme cases, but focused on the “bulk” of the domains – growth below 65 domains per day, and price below 120.
new gTLD growth depending on price

The domains whose price is below 30 USD is represented in blue, and is quite flat. Most of the domains are growing at a speed between 0 and 40 domains per day

The domains whose price is between 30 and 60 USD are in amber, and have a smaller growth speed – typically between 0 and 30 domains per day

The domain in the price range 60 to 90 USD grow at a speed below 10, but surprisingly some domains grow much faster than that

The domains between 90 and 120 USD usually grow slower.

But globally, the relationship between sales price and growth speed is not very strong. People seem to be ready to put up to 100 USD in domain names.

If you want to learn more about the topic, visit our new gTLD and .brand information page