It is now approximately 2 years that the new gTLD have been launched and are going live.  new gTLD volumes are tracked by ntld stats – . According to them .xyz has more than 1.2 million domain names, followed by .top with 550.000 websites.

growth of new gTLD and old gTLD

domain names growth october 2015

The total number of domains just reached 8 million domain names early october, corresponding to more or less 4 million new domains per year.

The old “Top Level Domains” consisting in .com, .net, .info and others, are growing in the same time from 148 million to 153 million, corresponding to 5 million. or 2.5 million per year.

The growth in new TLD is also quite linear. The growth was mainly fueled initially by .xyz, and now by .top, who had a strong increase of 200.000 domains in a few days.