Growth of new gTLD versus old gTLD

The gTLD are the generic Top Level Domains. The “old” Top Level Domains are .com, .org, .net etc..

Another historic player in the domain names field is the ccTLD ( .ch, .de, .us etc.. ), which have a different organization and setup.
There are, since a bit more that one year, new gTLD. Some are meaningfull – .ski, .guru, .kitchen, some are very generic – .xyz, and some are representing brands – .bmw, .axa for instance.
These new domain names are enjoying a rapidly growing popularity, even though it is not really known to the public. Google’s new “mother company”, alphabet’s website is “”. That is a new gTLD website.
There are so far around 730 new Top level domain names. The number of domains on new gTLD has reached 7 million just before mid august. The growth of domain numbers is much higher than domains created on “old” gTLD, who grew in the same period of approx 4 million domains. The total domains on old gTLD is today 152 million, so the gap is still huge.
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