Jobs and careers : a popular online destination

Jobs is a very popular keyword on search engines. There were, according to google, 13.5 million searches in June 2016.
dot jobs advertising Jobs is also a Top Level Domain name – or a domain name extension – delegated in the root zone file in Sept 2005. It is a sponsored gTLD, and dot jobs “require that each and every applicant be a member of the International Human Resource Management Community and is who they say they are”.
Many large organizations registered their name in .jobs – whirlpool, att, esteelauder etc.

Some of these domains have actual real websites and content :

Estee Lauder has a certain level of contect in their .jobds website. The number of pages in that domain are relatively limited and most of the followup inteaction would take place in a website

Some .jobs domains also redirect immediately to a “legacy” TLD: is redirecting to

Naturally, when ICANN opened the new gTLD, jobs related other TLD were applied for:

  • dot career, who was applied for by Verisign, and has around 1’000 domain names
  • dot careers, operated by Donuts with around 7’000 domain names presently.
  • dot monster, owned by, one of the largest recruitement websites in the world.

Jobs dot brand or brand dot jobs ?

When ICANN opened the way to applications for new gTLD, brands also got involved and applied for their brand name as a Top Level Domain, or domain name extension. These same brands who were having their “.jobs” domain name for a few years, now have at least six choices ( excluding so far )

  • career.brand
  • careers.brand
  • jobs.brand

The TLD dot join is more ambiguous as the string may mean join a fan club, a members club or join the service.

dot brand related analysis

On the 155 brands with more than a simple “nic.brand” domain, 10 have created careers.brand, seven have created jobs.brand, and only one career.brand, .

Linde and Bloomberg have registered both jobs and careers.,, and are all four active websites.

Abbott has and From a user perspective, the experience on is much more userfriendly than the one one The site is clearly more recent, even though the jobs postings seems ( from a random test analysis ) to be quite similar

abbott using dot jobs gtld is the jobs site on the abbott dot brand Top Level Domain name Extension


In terms of search, both rank on the first page when searching for abbott jobs. is a bit higher, maybe thanks to the fact that it is older in age.

comparison of SEO for TLD and dot brand - abbott jobs


jobs – a good use case for dot brand ?

Very often, job section in websites are run a different technical backbone. The customer expectation is different, the experience is different and the underlying technology is different. Jobs are often microsites, more or less integrated with the brand websites. Is jobs a good use case for dot brand ?

The dot brand observatory provides more insights, data and analysis on the dot brand world. dot stories supports brands in creating and executing their new gTLD strategy.