Canon launches their dot brand on

simple URL change or strategical orientation ?

Canon is one of the very popular brands who applied for their brand as a Top Level Domain, usually known as dot canon. Canon is considered by interbrand – – as one of the 40th most valuable brand, with a value of 11,278 $m (Interbrand’s proprietary methodology).
Canon launched their new key digital assets on their new gTLD – actually redirects to This is a big launch, with quite some press coverage. It is also a fast launch, as was created end of March 2016, and was not resolving until very recently. It is a fast launch compared to one of the pioneers, the french bank BNP Paribas who took up to 6 months to shift progressively their dot net website to a dot bnpparibas.

dot brand new gTLD by dot stories - global canon shift

dot brand new gTLD by dot stories - global canon

The launch of is certainly more significant than it may seem.

Canon did not “move” their website to the new, they relaunched the new main site with a new URL.
Canon is very well known in the public for its cameras – from small “point and shoot” camera, to very high end reflex. They are one of the historical reflex camera that was amongst the first to relaunch the “DLR”. The previous website was showing this very “B to C” approach.

Canon seems to be focusing their efforts, shifting from a camera company to innovation leader. The market of “point and shoot” cameras is being threatened by the increasing quality of the cameras on the phones. Photography on phones presents many digital advantages – rework the picture, share it, customize it and apply filters, such as Instagram and snapchat. Canon held its 2015 Expo in New York City, and dedicated more than 1000 square meters to its innovative imaging solutions, such as surveillance, film, and medical. Of the eleven topics featured, Canon devoted only one to the compact camera, putting in the center of the stage more advanced technologies. This tends to show that Canon’s product strategy is shifting from camera company to innovation leader.

Strategy shift on the new website :

dot brand new gTLD by dot stories - global canon old

dot brand new gTLD by dot stories - global canon new

The main visual used to be a family taking pictures, is now a very expensive professional equipment.
It is not just a URL change, it is one of the elements of a shift in the strategy. It is a sign that things are changing at Canon, and we should most probably expect future evolutions in their naming strategy.

dot brand new gTLD by dot stories - global canon strategy