is a new dot brand corporate website

The dot brand extensions have a newcomer : Schmidt, a French kitchen manufacturer. Schmidt is owned by SALM, and has two brands : schmidt and cuisinella. Both these brands were applied for as Top Level Domains. is owned by US based printing company that is totally unrelated to the kitchen manufacturer. new domains extension website went live on May 17, 2016

dotbrand -

The website was actually long expected. The domain was created on Jan 25, 2016. Early April, the site was already active with a waiting message :

schmidt groupe announcement

The final launch was a bit postponed and took place on 17 May 2016.

The site is a the instutional site of the group, with key figures, the values and the commitment to quality and sustainability of the group etc… The marketing site of both¬†brands remains unchanged in for schmidt and for cuisinella

Schmidt owns a certain number a retail stores where they sell the kitchen. Every one of these stores has a third level domain – “location” It would be quite easy in the future for schmidt to replicate the SEAT model, creating second level domains for everyone of their retail stores.

The underlying technology is wordpress. The marketing site is most probably made with joomla.

The linkedin profile of the brand refers to the new dot brand domain extension, but the twitter account is linked to the marketing website, corresponding to the idea that is an institutional site and is a marketing website.

This is still early changes of the launches for the site : the site is only available in french, and the domain name is only in french – does not resolve. The only page referenced in Google about is the webmaster login page.

This new domain extension launch is a very good example of a prudent, but proactive strategy. The site is launched and carries minimal risks regarding turnover and reputation, and is a great platform to learn and to understand better the specificities of dot brand new domains extensions.