dot stories supports your dot brand activation

1 – Assess, via Precise and Relevant data

2 – Design your ecosystem

3 – Launch, Learn and Optimize

Our Cloud based tool was created to manage a multi-site dot brand urbanization

You can launch, learn and improve with low costs and risks before changing all your systems and processes

Fine tune your naming strategy

What domains should you register with a higher priority ? should you focus on some landing pages, some iconic products, some sub-brands ?

Brand owners typically master very well their own keywords and content. It is more difficult to find out what commercial partners are doing, and what customers and prospects are looking for.
Our keyword recommendation tool will suggest the best keywords, based on the online searches, the price and competition of keywords in conjunction with the brand, and the social mentions, as well as the use by your competitors and other brand owners.

Publish Content on Many Domains

Your content teams must already produce lots of content for many channels. Make their life easier with dot stories.

dot stories enables you to have several publishing modes : You can reuse an existing page on your website, or you can generate dedicated pages by compiling and curating content from your social media aficionados, acknowledging their participation to the brand content.  It is also possible to generate batches of sites that are customized for corresponding domains, or to have your domain point towards a specific page.

dot stories was designed specifically for the new gTLD and their specificities.

Empower your teams

Creation of new domains should be enabled locally, for an efficient marketing. When a local event happens, the brand needs to be able to react immediately and create a domain.

dot stories is cloud based, and can be accessed via any computer with internet connection. Any person that is allowed by the administrator, can request a domain. The domain will then be validated by a restricted number of people before is is transmitted to your registrar.

Measure your performance

dot stories’s optimizer analyzes the customer journey within your dot brand Top Level Domain

dot brands are unknown territories. All your marketing efforts must be measured and assessed. You want to measure your traffic across a selection of domains, to understand the customer response, adapt and fine tune your presence.

dot stories includes an optimizer feature that enables you to have analytics across multiple domains, with a highly versatile and customizable logic.

We natively support dot brand scenarios and use cases

dot stories’ system is patent pending and highly innovative, dedicated to domain names

Use Case: increased relevancy

A brand wants to be more relevant to specific customers segments, and identifies a subset of content and products that a relevant to each of these customer segments. dot stories keyword module provides the brand with the best and most visible domain name per objective. A template is created, and the content is organized in one file. Via the dotstories fusion publisher, the brand generates over as many domains as customer segments, and puts the most relevant piece of content before leading the customers to the legacy TLD site of the brand, increasing traffic with limited costs.

Use case : co-op domains

A brand has a large distribution network and want to reinforce the partnership with its retailers, to ensure the best purchase experience to the end-customer.

the solution is dotstories co-op domains, creating content rich static sites per partner, enhancing the present digital ecosystem and creating a strong branded relationship, highly secure and visible on search engines. Domains can be instantly deactivated or new domains created whenever a change occurs in the list of retailers.

The pages are template-based and the generation of multiple pages is done in one click using dot stories fusion publisher.

Use case : events domains

A brand wishes to reinforce their visibility on events and professional fairs, and increase the reach of their events by publishing content on dedicated platforms. That brand creates a domain per event. The marketers in the regions can request themselves the domains but it is controlled by IP via dot stories manager. The page goes live, and content from various channels is captured and displayed via the dot stories publisher. The selection criteria can include geotargeting, ensuring a broad reach.

The events are supported by a branded short URL that is used in combination with similar hashtags in all social media platforms. the pages can be deactivated or redirected to the main site after the end of the event.

Use Case: Content Marketing

A brand has a strong Content Marketing strategy, and wants to find a home for every channel. There are many channels – per theme, per location, per product category etc.. , and lots of sources – social media, institutional content, blogs.. The brand creates a matrix defining how each piece of content is related to a channel within dot stories publisher module, and a template to display the corresponding pages.

It generates a large number fo highly visible, clearly differentiated pages via the dotstories platform and is able, via dot stories optimizer  to report on the customer behavior on a per domain, per channel type, or global basis.