Dot brand is a marketing tool

Dot brand provides brands with the ability to use their brand name as a Top Level Domain, opening a new pristine landscape for marketing. After having gone through the long ICANN process, brands now have the opportunity to generate many domains, and possibly also websites in their “dot brand” world.

They can now associate keywords or product categories to their brands, conveying a branded message via their domain name. This association between a keyword and a brand is very powerfull, and turns a domain into much more than a web address. is meaningfull. The second level domain is descriptive, and corresponded exactly to the game that was made available in this URL. It is also linked to the character of Moneypenny, and associated to the brand. The site is not live anymore, which shows how dot brands helps increase the digital agility to manage events, or campaigns. is also very descriptive and has a clear value proposition. The end user is not surprised to land to a social site where people can talk about how they try to live their lives better.

Using dot brand domains on marketing material

It was a major step forward for brands to launch websites with these new dot brand Top Level Domain names. One of the next steps is to use those domain names in marketing material. In previous publications, we had shown how BNP Paribas is now using their “.bnpparibas” extension in posters, also known as OOH for Out Of Home advertising.

bnpparibas is using their Top Level Domain in advertising

Deloitte is using in a call to action at the end of the video presenting their new branding thought process.

dot deloitte rebranding project

Swatch now also using in the leaflets that they distribute in their stores. The text mentions the triple w, whose usage in marketing material is decreasing. But this is also a great way to state that it refers to a website, even though the traditional “.com” is not present any more.

pop dot swatch is mentioned in a promotional leaflet


These three examples of campaigns are showing that brands are getting more and more involved in the process of activating their Top Level Domain extension.

In parallel, seven brands have been changing their main website to a dot brand top level domain name and issued press releases explaining how this change servers their global brand strategy.

Our dot brand observatory is our extensive research programme and gives all the insights about what brands are doing.