New gTLD domains are mainly parked, much more than on traditional new gTLDs shows the number of parked pages, by analyzing the presence, or not of A record on the page, and looking at the IP address or name server.

We have represented the distribution of TLDs depending on their “non parked” pages percentage.
We see that 80 % of new gTLD have less then 30% of pages that are non parked.
Most of the new gTLD have between 20 and 30% of domains non parked.
In december 2012, 64 % of domains on .com were multi pages sites, probably therefore non parked.
new gTLDs are therefore much more “parked” than .com.

Why is this ? Is it because the first purchasers of domains are “investors” who just want to grab a position and wait until it someone wants to do something with it ?
Is it because people who bought these pages are presently developing websites and we will see growth in the future ?