Dot Stories looked at the split of domains on the new Top Level Domains.
The new Top Level Domains were launched to General Public around January 2014, in order to “increase competition and choice in the domain name space”, as stated on ICANN‘s official minisite.

18 months later, there are 748 Top Level Domains live, with a total of approximately 7.5 million domain names – that number is growing every day.
Some of these domains are the ownership of brands and are called “dot brand”. Brands such as gucci, bmw or google applied for such domains. These TLD are not bound to grow enormously as the brands will put on their catalogue and their distribution, until some creative use appears ( e.g. serial numbers or other internet of things applications).

In the meantime, the commercial TLD are developing themselves and are selling their domains to end users via the network of registrars. .xyz is the one that created most domain names mist quickly, as they have more than 1 million domains, or nearly 10% of domains already!

one year ago, dot stories had looked at pareto law in a post. Looking at domains, we had found that 80% of domains were on 50 Top Level Domains out of 250, i.e. exactly 20% !
This year, we found that 80% of domains were on 90 Top Level Domains out of 758, representing only 12%.

dot stories analysis on split of domains on new Top Level Domains

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