new gTLD active site counts method

Method to find out how many sites are active on new gTLDs

New gTLD were launched nearly one year ago, and domains started to be purchased 6 months ago. How many of these domains actually run websites ? It is difficult to say, and can be confusing.

Google offers a way to search for a specific TLD in their advanced search :

The fourth option actually gives the possibility to search over a specific site or domain.

Now, if you search, say for .guru, this is what you get :

This looks pretty good : you only can see the sites that are with .guru.
IDN is taken into consideration : 
Now what is surprising is the number.. Really ? 12 million results ? 
I set up my google to have 100 results per page, and if I scroll down to page end, I can see only 6 pages 
6*100, that’s a maximum of 600 pages.. 
If I click on 6, this is what I get : 
So after polishing, it looks like there are 210 entries that are non similar.
even then, some entries seem to be not very relevant.. 
Some results are even stranger : shows that sort of very unusual results for google : 
But at least, I guess this is a method to measure the actual website activity of a TLD : 
– search google for “site:.TLD”
– scroll and try to go to last page
– you will have a message : “we have omitted some entries very similar to the x already displayed”
– x gives a comparison basis for the actual websites for the TLD.